The Beginning

I remember the day I first fantasised with the idea of having a blog:

It was New Year 2014 and I thought
“How much more inspired could I be? Loads of resolutions ahead, a new country to explore and a raging hangover”.
And even though it was raining, I was adamant to start it.
“Why wouldn’t you start it just because it was raining” – you ask. Because I don’t function very well without a bit of sunshine.
RAINS and I’m a miserable cow.
SUNSHINE and I’m possessed by Shakespeare.

ANYWAY, I quickly got going…and I didn’t get far. I must admit: I’m one of those people that, if it doesn’t go as planned the first time, then I wasn’t made for it. (I once said this during an interview… I didn’t get the job. I’m sure they missed my point of view). AND after a few minutes I quit, for the single idiotic reason: all the names I wanted for my blog were taken. Guess there are a lot of intelligent and charismatic people out there.

Nearly 3 years have gone by and “Why today?” – you impatiently ask.

Me: “BECAUSE I CAN! I’m a woman of the 21st century!”
Valete: “Was it because you were bored to death and with too crap of a internet provider that wouldn’t allow you to stream anything?”
Me: Yes, but that’s not of the matter now.

Because I’m sick of waiting for the next Monday, the next month or the next Year! Thursday, I choose you! No more:

  • Let’s search for a good, catchy name;
  • Let’s look for the best app compatible with your phone;
  • Let’s decide what to write/ talk about before hand;
  • Let’s talk with everybody on messenger;
  • Let’s scroll through some 9GAG posts;
  • Let’s have a bath;
  • Let’s wait for a deep Kafkaesque existential revelation;

Some of these never happened (others obviously did), because I’m a lazy ass always trying to find excuses for my idleness.
So it’s with a lot of pride that I present to you my dear Valete.


Valete Fratres means Farewell Brothers, but sounds a lot more poetic to write it in latin, don’t you think?

#valetefratres #thebeginning #ididit



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