A job

Second post in 1 week! What an achievement. My first post was a little bit unorthodox so I thought I’d let you guys know what you’re dealing with.First things first – am I the only one who takes about 2hrs to write a post? I’m still trying to figure this whole blog thing out. What to write about and how to put it.

I’m just another human that is onto the illusion that knows exactly what she is doing. (I’m just guessing really!) And this game of life is absolutely frustrating.

There’s an obvious path that most of us follow (or not):

  • Finish school – Check
  • Go to work/uni – Check
  • Make money – Check
  • Stay close to friends and family – Only 2hrs 30 min away… by plane!
  • Get a mortgage – too soon
  • Have kids – too young
  • Find time for yourself – ahahahah
  • Die with regret that you should’ve/ would’ve/ could’ve done things differently – On my way there…

So. I’m a Clinical Physiologist and I torture people with breathing issues. (And boy, do I enjoy it)
Oh.. are you a nurse? a doctor?” – you ask. Not a nurse, not a doctor. Just one of those jobs you only find out about when you’re applying to go to University – which of course it wasn’t my case (ahahahah, yes it was). And I work with some funny old machinery and see some funny old people.

Most of my patients ask (and picture this with most annoyingly patronising voice you can): “is this what you do all day? Don’t you get bored? It’s amazing what you can do with computers these days”

– Nooo – I say, rolling my eyes until I can see the back of my neck – it’s not ALL I do, its most of it! And yes! Whoever invented this machine must have been BORED out of his mind. I mean, at what point in your life do you stop and think: 

“I know what I’m going to do! A machine to blow into that tells me how your lungs work. And to make it more fun, you put this exceptionally large mouth piece and a nose peg” 

“That’s perfect”

Lovely isn’t it?

#lungfunction #clinicalphysiology #job



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