Male or Female?

Tough Questions

Endings don’t have to be emotionally wrecking if you believe you did everything you could, you enjoyed yourself and you’re prepared to let go.
Ending is another chapter and it will be the permanent state of everything
Valete: Yes, it’s chapter…the last one.
Me: Still a chapter! Bear with me, trying to be philosophical here.


In Latin based languages, everything has a male and a female: objects and feelings, planets and countries, animals and minerals (You get the idea).
Sometimes I ask Tom what he thinks a certain word is and he has a theory: “everything that has some sort of beauty related to it, will be female.”
Me: Tom, is the sea male or female?
Tom: Female… temperamental as f”#$
(He actually got this one wrong. It’s male.)

Me: Tom? What do you think LIFE is? Male or Female?
Tom: Female – he says – it’s painfully beautiful”

And I should’ve asked straight away what he though DEATH was… You would’ve thought they’re opposites but it’s also female.
Death can be beautiful sometimes, it can be liberating but the process is far from ideal…
In the years to come we’ll all die with some form of cancer (the ones that don’t get run over or blown up). If you do get to that age, when your bones can’t keep you up vertical, your wrinkles are a road map of experiences and you can’t make out what that tattoo on your lower back is anymore, because your mind starts playing sick tricks on you… When that day comes, Death will be like an old friend bringing that eternal rest you deserve so much…
Epicurus once said: “Death is nothing to us, since when we are , death has not come, and when death has come, we are not.”

So I guess that one of the toughest questions out there is:
“Are you prepared to let go?”

#epicurus #dailypostchallenge #toughquestions


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