It’s amazing how people are doing things in such a tempered manner. It seems like it’s always a matter of life or death and we end up placing high values on things that are, otherwise, ordinary. 

We push and shove as much of life into small little frames of time as possible. We stop along our journey just long enough to take a picture. Instead of stopping Nd taking it all in.

We end up creating physical memories instead of living them. It’s like our minds are so full of other crap that we are constantly using “immediacy” as a hard drive. The difference is, this one gets full.

There are some amazing moments I remember from way before cameras were a constant…  others I forgot because I was too concerned with wether or not it was good enough. I don’t want to take all the credit from this fantastic piece of tech, some other memories I have are saved in a picture, but I end up remembering what led to it.

We were careful taking pictures then (revealing them was expensive) but it was a different thrill. We had to wait for the roll to be over and when we finally had them revealed, it was like re-living those moments again and again – with good or bad angles. Now we just take as many as we need, we pose, delete, filter… until what was supposed to be save becomes unrecognisable.

When we finally “wake up” and finish capturing the attention of others, we are onto the next thing. And in a blink… a year goes by.

You’ve travelled , seen a lot of things, been a lot of places but there is no recollection of the moments that were felt.

We try so much to see everything that in the end of the day, we end up seeing nothing. Our lives aren’t movies and they don’t have to look like one either. And since we’re not actors, there’s no need to pretend. 

Take it slow and steady because the rest of your life will come and go soon enough. Enjoy every bit of it. Share the photos that came out perfect (the one that makes you look at it and laugh, the one that makes you think: what the hell was I doing there) and not the “perfected” ones.

Share one with me. I’d love to see the real side of you 🙂